liquid soap recycling

Still solid soaps, but the big news is the collection of liquid products:

The year 2022 was for SapoCycle the year of renewal and return to a sustained activity: we collected 3’055 kilos of hotel soaps discarded by our partners. This is double the amount collected in 2021.
Since our start in 2015, we have collected around 21.3 tonnes of used soap from hotels in Switzerland.
With the launch of the new rinseable liquids collection programme in January, we received around 2.7 tonnes of small, partly used bottles.

In terms of hotel engagement with us:

Regarding the commitment of partner hotels, we have secured the loyalty of 97 Premium Members with an increase of 31% compared to 2021. Since 2015, 143 Swiss hotels have already sent us used soap.
(The list of our partner hotels is here:

A distribution that has grown and diversified

The demand for soap continues to grow. While 2022 saw the end of the pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine had a significant impact on the increase in the number of refugees in Switzerland as well as in Poland and Ukraine. SapoCycle faced an increased demand for hygiene products.
In 2022, 20,000 soaps were distributed free of charge to people in need in Switzerland, as well as in Madagascar, in refugee camps on the Greek islands of Samos and Lesbos. But this year, a large part of our soap donations went to Poland, Ukraine and to refugees received by Switzerland. Since 2015, we have distributed over 144,300 recycled soaps.
In addition to our donation of solid soaps, we have distributed 650 litres of free shampoo, conditioner and shower gel that we have recovered and repackaged.
Each partner association provides an average of 4 soaps and 6 litres of hygiene products per family per year (“family” meaning both “household” and single and/or homeless people).

In total, 5,109 families received our soaps in 2022 and were able to reduce their risk of contracting diseases. Since 2015, 36,190 families have been helped.

To whom and how many soaps have been distributed in 2022:

  • Schweizer Tafel : 2’117
  • Helfen Sie helfen: 1’020
  • ThanksGiver Basel: 2’040
  • Cartons du Cœur: 340
  • UNHCR – Switzerland: 1’696
  • Embolo Stiftung: 2’470
  • Hilfsverein Manna Schweiz: 1’020
  • MADAGSCARE: 2’674
  • Volunteers for Humanity:1’447
  • Tischlein deck dich: 1’870
  • AVC: 1’020
  • H2H Happy to help: 170
  • Basel with Love: 340
  • Fondation CARL:1’870

To whom and how many litres of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner have been distributed in 2022:

  • Cartons du Cœur: 124
  • Incontro Verein : 233,5
  • Fondation CARL: 206,5