In 2022, SapoCycle is embarking on the initiative to recycle liquid hotel toiletries. What are we talking about? Small bottles and tubes of individual shower gel, shampoo and conditioner that have been opened and used by guests and that hotels have to throw away. A lot of plastic, but for us, a real value: liquids that we can repackage and give back to people in need. Many of the hotels that partner with us in the hard soap program have asked us to do this. We surveyed our premium member hotels and distribution associations in Switzerland and found that interest was overwhelming. At first glance, the liquid recycling program seems simple, but it has its own challenges. Thanks to the support of various stakeholders who generously believe in our new initiative, we can move forward:

  • Permamed is supporting us financially to launch the project.
  • Johnson & Johnson Switzerland through a competence sponsorship program has developed the entire supply chain from collection to distribution.
  • Planzer, our historical logistics partner, has committed to further support us by transporting the liquid toiletries to our recycling facilities.
  • Wohnwerk, our recycling workshop in Basel, has once again put its creativity at our service and developed a process adapted to disabled workers.
  • The Claraspital in Basel will provide us with empty bottles that have contained 0.9% NaCI rinsing solutions. This is another step towards the reuse of plastics. We will be able to fill them with liquid soap and distribute them to families in need. Permamed will donate 150 ml bottles for individual distribution.
  • Innorecycling, the leading Swiss company in the field of plastic waste disposal and recycling will collect the empty bottles and recycle them.

The distribution of the liquid soaps will be done first through Swiss NGOs operating in the country, specially in the Basel area, to ensure that the containers containing the liquid are reused by the beneficiaries and not thrown away.