We are celebrating our 5th anniversary in 2020.

As a young and small foundation we are very happy with ALL what we have achieved. We overcame obstacles, went through challenging times, but here we are: our Bubbles Saving Lives Program, running in Switzerland and France, continues to help thousands of families in need around the world.

In our short but meaningful life as a foundation, we recycled more than 21 tons of discarded soaps into more than 124’000 beautiful new bars who went to help around 31’000 families in need. We remain loyal to our three pillars: environmental_ turning discarded soaps into beautiful new bars; social integration_ giving a stable job position to young adults with disabilities in our two recycling ateliers, and the humanitarian: supplying families in need with our specially recycled soaps to improve their hygiene conditions.

In 2018 we launched our SapoCircle _ this is our community of stakeholders: 224 hotels, financial, logistics, two recycling workshops and ambassadors spreading our message) that contribute to make possible our soap recycling program.

October 2018 was the month when we launched our program in France. Around 100 of French hotels have joined us and are sending their discarded used soaps to our recycling atelier in Adapei Papillons Blancs Alsace.

For almost 18 months, our new Premium Membership _ a fidelity program_ for hotels in Switzerland has been operating. With a yearly fee, hotels in the Alpine country can now benefit from our logistic partner Planzer for the pick-up of used soaps and delivery of free containers for soap collection as well as from a set of specially designed marketing tools ( off and online) . With these marketing instruments hotels are now able to share with their clients their action towards a more sustainable hotel industry.

And last but not least, this anniversary represents for us a great opportunity to thank the generosity of our supporters who accompanied us along the way.

The miracle of soap: our strong belief that ignited the birth of our organization back in 2015. The powerful effect of a proper hand-washing with soap is nowadays more and more evident:  SOAP DEFINITELY SAVES LIVES.