How we work

It’s simple…

This is the second life of used soap that would have ended in a landfill and is turned into Socially Responsible Recycled Soap.

More about the Swiss Program 🇨🇭

Subscribe to our Premium Membership Program

Contact our team through the Contact Form to subscribe to our Premium membership. Once signed, you will receive our SapoCycle containers (against a deposit) in which you will be able to collect the used hotel hard soaps and liquid toiletries.

Your hotel will be mentioned on our website as one of our Premium Members and will receive specific marketing tools to help you promote your action towards the environment.

Collecting the soaps

We repurpose both hotel hard soaps and liquid toiletries. Your housekeeping team collects the used soaps, and they store them in our blue SapoCycle containers. Soaps must be dry to avoid mold (please do not use plastic bags)

When the box is ¾ full, contact our partner Planzer by e-mail. They will pick up your box and deliver you the same number of empty ones.



You are a hotel and want to participate in our program

You are a corporation, an association or a NGO, you want to help us


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