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Our program “Bubbles Saving Lives” relies on the effective contribution of a number of partners, at each step of our process. We are pleased to work today with over 280 hotels, two recycling workshops, a logistics partner in Switzerland and a number of donors, supporters, sponsors and volunteers. They all form an inner circle of like-minded people and organisations who believe in our action:  we like to call them “Saponistis” and “Saponistas”.

Hotels in Switzerland
Hotels in France
Hotels in Switzerland
Hotels in France
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Member Hotels in Switzerland and France

      Our Recycling Workshops

      The social integration of people with disabilities is at the core of our SapoCycle model. We have therefore selected two partners to establish our recycling workshops in Switzerland and in France. Wohnwerk, based in Basel, developed together with the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, a unique process of soap recycling adapted to people with disabilities. Ten people work on a daily basis on used hotels soap recycling at this institution. In Colmar, we were able to replicate this process with Adapei Papillons Blancs d’Alsace which are recycling the used soaps from French hotels.


      Missionsstrasse 47
      4055 Basel
      165 rue du Ladhof
      68000 Colmar
      Our Distribution Partners

      Our third pillar consists in the distribution of socially responsible recycled soaps to people in need. To achieve this we partner with organizations and institutions, both locally and abroad, who specialize in hygiene education programs or helping people in need.

      In Switzerland, we are working regularly with:

      In France, our partners are:

      Our Logistic Partners in Switzerland and in Elsass
      Planzer is supporting us with a professional logistic solution in Switzerland which allows us to gain in efficiency and provide a better service to the participating hotels.
      The Réseau Cocci which initially specialised in the manufacture and marketing of cleaning products, has diversified and expanded: the Réseau Cocci collects waste from its customers. All waste is upgraded. They collect used soaps from their hotel customers and bring them to our workshop.


      Our Financial Partners

      Without their financial support and commitment we would not be able to run our program. We are grateful to the following foundations, fundraising organisations and institutions:

      The following companies have also supported us through various actions and donations:


      Our Educational Partners
      • Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (FHNW)
      • Ecole d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL)
      • Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne (EHL)
      • Université de Mulhouse
      Our Communication Partners

      We are grateful to our communication partners who support us pro bono o at a very low rate.


      Leimgrubenweg 9
      4053 Basel
      32 rue de l’Industrie
      67400 Illkirch


      Our Cooperation Partners

      Some partners have decided to engage in a different way with us.


      GM Switzerland is an high end hotel amenities company. We partner with them to motivate their clients to choose our solution for their used soaps. GM Switzerland can propose their clients an sustainable solution for their used soaps.
      Johnson and Johnson has initiated a corporate volunteering helping SapoCycle for its future development.
      Solutions Parfum is a company that develops customised hospitality products, including Amenitiz, an innovative and customisable range of solid, ecological products made in France.
      Solutions Parfum supports and recommends us to their hotel clients in order to reduce the waste of traditional, solid hospitality products.

      Booking Better is the French alternative to online booking agencies.

      It is a platform that puts the customer in direct contact with the accommodation professional (hotels, holiday homes, holiday villages, campsites, guest houses, lodges and hotel chains). They are also committed to solidarity since they donate a percentage of their turnover to charities identified in the hotel industry such as SapoCycle


      Our Ambassadors

      If you believe in our values and appreciate our program, you can help us in different ways. You may sponsor ou events or projects, volunteer for various actions we launch throughout the year, or simply spread the word by talking about our program in your social networks.


      Be our Ambassador: you share our values within the hotels you visit. If you travel in France or Switzerland, check if your hotel is a SapoCycle member. If not, please spread the word.



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