Following the request by many of our partner hotels, we now launch the program Premium Members in France in 2022. This Premium Membership has been very successful in Switzerland since 2019 and already 75 hotels have signed for it.

With this new service, the hotels in France will benefit from a door-to -door service. Our logistic partner will come and pick the boxes full of soaps and bring them to our atelier in ESAT Adapei Papillons Blancs in Colmar. They will also receive a set of marketing tools that they can show their guests about their engagement in a more sustainable hospitality as well as presence in our social media outlets.This would be with small annual fee that will, in part, cover for the recycling of discarded soaps into new beautiful soap bars for people in need.

The Premiums Member in France will make it easier for hotels to take action in the ecological transition.