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Where to find us

Our office in Switzerland

Fondation SapoCycle
c/o Rakete Dreispitz
Münchensteinerstrasse 274
4053 Basel

Our office in France

SapoCycle France
c/o Carré des Associations
100 avenue de Colmar
68100 Mulhouse

Title Address Description
Münchensteinerstrasse 274, 4053 Basel, Switzerland
Title Address Description
100 Avenue de Colmar, 68100 Mulhouse, France

Where soaps are delivered and recycled

In Switzerland

Programme SapoCycle
Missionstrasse 47
CH – 4055 Basel

In France

Adapei Papillons Blancs d’Alsace
Programme SapoCycle
13 avenue de Suisse
F – 68110 Illzach


Fondation SapoCycle
c/o Fondation des Fondateurs
Kirchgasse 42
8001 Zürich

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