We delivered 500 of our recycled soaps to Soup&Chill.
This organization, based in Basel, provides with a cold meal for takeaway ( bread, fruit, drinks and soup) to 100 homeless people everyday. In each takeaway box, the person will get one of our soaps.

For a long time there was no place in Basel where so-called “marginalized people” could meet in peace and quiet. Especially in winter, this repeatedly led to conflicts, especially at the SBB station. Claudia Adrario, Catherine Darge and Irène Lengacher therefore jointly founded the “Soup&Chill” warming room in 2006.
For 6 winter seasons, Soup&Chill was housed in temporary premises (demolition properties, containers). In November 2012 the new permanent domicile was opened at Solothurnerstrasse 8, in the immediate vicinity of the SBB railway station.
Since then, the number of visitors has multiplied. The Soup&Chill has become an important social institution in Basel.

Hand washing with soap is vital, specially in these Coronavirus times. We want to help people in precarious situation around Basel by supplying them with our special soaps to prevent against the Covid19 disease.