Making socially responsible soaps.

SapoCycle is a non-profit organisation that collects discarded soaps in hotels and turns them into life-saving products. The soaps are recycled by people with disabilities and then distributed to improve sanitary conditions of families in need. 

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So, how does it work?

It’s simple… Environmentally conscious hotels join us and collect the discarded soaps. In our recycling workshops the soaps are reprocessed and turned into new hygienic soap bars by people with disabilities under a strict bacteriological control. Our distribution partners give out the recycled soaps to families in need.  

Bubbles saving lives.

More than 1.5 million children under the age of 5 die around the world each year due to two diseases (diarrheal diseases and respiratory tract infection) which could have been prevented by hand washing.

What’s new?

SapoCycle 5th Anniversary

SapoCycle 5th Anniversary

We are celebrating our 5th anniversary in 2020. As a young and small foundation we are very happy with ALL what we have achieved. We overcame obstacles, went through challenging times, but here we are: our Bubbles Saving Lives Program, running in Switzerland and...

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SapoCycle in the Coop magazine

SapoCycle in the Coop magazine

In the last edition of Coop Zeitung, dated May 12, there is a thorough article on the wonders of soap and we have been featured! Here are the links to the full article: German version French...

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The Miracle of Soap on House of Switzerland

The Miracle of Soap on House of Switzerland

Our story has been highlighted on House of Switzerland. This is the website managed by Presence Switzerland, the unit of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in charge of promoting Switzerland’s image abroad. aims to increase general...

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Great companies are helping us to change lives.




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