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 A committed Housekeeping Team !

Frau Staats
Sandra Staats, executive housekeeper, Grand Hotel des Trois Rois, Basel,  Switzerland

What is your position at the Grand Hotel des Trois Rois ?

It has been 2 years since I started to work at the Grand Hotel des Trois Rois as the executive housekeeper. I was born in the North of Germany and I have been working in the hospitality industry  for 16 years of which 14 in Switzerland. This work is my passion.

How did the team react to the programme? Was it easy to put it in place ?

At first it was a little strange for my team because they were saying: « Do you really want us to collect this? ». Due to the high hygiene standards in 5-star-hotels, you have to through away everything that has been “used”.At least it took some months to make it become a habit.  But now it became a “normal” thing to do for the team.

Which of our three pillars do you support the most?

All parts of the pillars are really important, but I think the most important thing is that we create even more awareness in Europe and Globally  about the environmental problems and how things can be changed.

What does the whole project inspire to you?

I am really proud to be part of it. Sometimes I am wondering why the Humans need so much time to think about such a really nice thing. For us it is pretty easy, as we simply have to collect and give away the soaps. It is an absolute good thing to be part of the programme for us and to see our soaps can save lives.  We love to be part of the change, and hope a lot of the Hotels will follow us.